303 Squadron – Volume Two now in stock!

Sorry it has been a bit quiet here recently, we’re working on several new projects behind the scenes which we hope to announce shortly. In the meantime, Volume Two of our superb ’303 Squadron- The Complete Illustrated History’ has just arrived in our warehouse and is now ready to order. For those who have pre-ordered the set of three, your Volume Two will automaticaly be sent out in the next few days.
This volume covers summer 1941 – autumn 1943 and is packed with hundreds of great photos, particularly of the squadron’s Spitfire Vbs. As with all of our books, we’ve designed it so that the photographs are reproduced as large and as clearly as possible. This again means that it’s quite a hefty volume, running to 192 pages, hence the RRP of £25. However, we’re setting a temporary introductory offer of just £20 for this volume so that you can judge the quality for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


Christmas Deliveries

As we’re getting closer to the big holiday, here’s confirmation from our distributors of their Christmas ‘opening hours’.

Officially, the last day for shipping orders in the U.K is the 18th December for second class. However, they will continue to send out Wing Leader orders up until 23rd December.  If you are in desperate need of something before Christmas then let us know, we’ll do our best to help.    After that they will be closed until 5th January when order despatch will resume again.  You can of course still place orders over the Christmas/New Year holiday on our website, all of which will be despatched from 5th January.

New Server

We moved this website to a new server last night so if you have any problems with any of the functionality of this site please let us know immediately.  It appears that everything is working normally now but, there’s always something!

email mark@wingleader.co.uk

New Titles have arrived

We are delighted to say that Luftwaffe Crash Archive 6 and 303 Squadron Volume One arrived into our storage facility today.  Tomorrow morning (Friday) the first 500 copies will be delivered to Bookworld our distribution company for them to start sending the first pre-orders out.  Also arriving with them tomorrow will be Volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the Luftwaffe Aces series which means that all the advance orders for the full limited edition sets will start to be despatched from Monday morning.  With well over 400 orders to attend to, Bookworld will be working hard next week to get all the pre-orders out as soon as possible, so please bear with us for a few days!

Luftwaffe Aces -Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Just to update everyone that the limited edition of the Luftwaffe Aces books is now sold out.  Volume One is still available to order of course and within the next two weeks we wll make it possible to order a standard set of four books as one order.

The pre-ordered limited edition sets are scheduled to be sent out with the signature plates from around 20th November.

Luftwaffe Aces – Limited Edition Sets

A quick check of the pre-orders for the signed limited edition four volume set of Luftwaffe Aces reveals that we only have 13 left for preorder as of tonight, Saturday 1st November.   So if you’re thinking of ordering a set we strongly recommend you do it now as they’ll probably be sold-out by the end of next week.

LCA6 and 303 Squadron Vol 1 now online

We’ve just uploaded the two new books to the website ready for pre-ordering.   If you click on the banner heading above it will take you to the forthcoming books section where you’ll find them both plus a special offer to buy the two books together for just £40.  Check out the sample pages from both books on their respective pages.  The 303 Squadron book really is something special with nearly 200 pages full of nearly 300 rare original wartime photos.  The author Wojtek Matusiak is one of the most respected Polish aviation historians and has gathered this material from far and wide over many years.  Volume One includes the Battle of Britain period and finally provides for the first time, the real reason for the red fuselage stripes that appeared on some of the Hurricanes in mid-September 1940.

Luftwaffe Aces Series – A new schedule

We’ve managed to identify and fix the cause of the missing pages in the batch of Volume Ones that went out last week.   The book will therefore be reprinted and should be available within two or three weeks.  For those of you who have ordered just Volume One, your book will be sent in early November.  If you have already received one of the faulty copies, please feel free to use it as a door stop or recycle it somehow!

For those of you who have ordered the limited edition set of four, we will now endeavour to deliver all four books to you by mid to late November.  We understand that many of you have already received the first volume with one signature plate attached.  This was a mistake by our distributors who were clearly briefed to send all four signature plates unattached in an envelope.  We will follow this up in due course with them and make sure four plates and four books are dleivered to you all in November.

We can only apologise again for this technical problem, hopefully the series will prove to have been worth waiting for!