Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 11 now available for pre-order!


We are delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of Volume 11 in our Luftwaffe Crash Archive series.  Originally we thought that Volume 11 would take us to the end of the war but we unearthed so much material for the Steinbock period that we only got as far as the end of May 1944!  There are some great photographs contained within of exotic types such as the He177, Me410 and Ju88S, all of which were operating over the UK during this period.

The book is now available for pre-order just CLICK HERE for more details.

Volume 12 will cover the rest of WWII and will have a fully comprehensive index to the whole series.




We are delighted to announce that Dunkirk-Air Combat Archive was delivered into our warehouse this morning, exactly on schedule so all advance orders will be going out as from today.

With a lot of rare photographic content from this seldom covered part of 1940 and at 192 pages it really is a weighty book in every sense of the word!

Order your copy today whilst stocks last.  Click HERE for more details.


Dunkirk – Air Combat Archive

Over the past few months, we have been working hard on what is effectively a Dunkirk version of the Battle of Britain Combat Archive series. Covering from 21 May – 2nd June we thought we would just about fill the 128 page format with RAF Fighter Command’s operations over the beaches.  What we discovered in fact is that Fighter Command’s contribution to Operation Dynamo was far more significant than any history book will tell you and we have had to run to 192 pages to cover it all!  Packed with some amazingly rare wartime photos and specially commissioned maps and profiles, this is the Air Combat over Dunkirk in the pilots’ own words, using the usual blend of unedited combat, casualty and intelligence reports.

The book is now available for pre-order, just click on the cover for more information.  This is without doubt, one of the best books we’ve ever worked on so we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.  Publication date is 18th July.

PS.  For those based in the UK, look out for author Simon Parry on Channel 4, Sunday 2nd July at 8pm, appearing in ‘Dunkirk: The New Evidence” a new TV documentary about the RAF’s contribution to Operation Dynamo.  His research for our book plays a big part in the documentary.


Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol 5 NOW IN STOCK

After a supreme effort by all members of the production team, we are delighted to announce that Battle of Britain Combat Archive Volume 5 is now in stock. Despite covering only three days, (16th – 18th August 1940), and despite nothing happening on 17th(!), this book had so much material to include that again we’ve had to extend the number of pages to 144 as with Volume 4. Covered in this book are subjects like the death of US pilot Billy Fiske, the Stuka dive bombing of Tangmere, the low-level Kenley Raid and of course the award of the VC to James Nicolson. Regarding the latter, we publish for the first time the full facts behind this most famous of combats and also identify the German pilot most likely to have shot him down.

All pre-orders will go out on Monday and Tuesday (19, 20th June) so UK orders should arrive before the end of the week. To order a copy click HERE. Or alternatively, you can order the first FIVE volumes as a set by clicking HERE


BofB Combat Archive Vol 4 Now in Stock!


We are delighted to announce that Battle of Britain Combat Archive volume 4 is now in stock and all pre-orders should be going out in the next few days.  We think this is the best one yet with some rare photos, unusual stories and extensive coverage of incidents like the bombing of Middle Wallop and the Croydon Raid.

LCA Volume 10 now in stock


We are delighted to announce that Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 10 was delivered to the warehouse yesterday so all advance orders will be going out in the next few days.

We’ll keep the £5 pre-order discount live until midnight on Saturday 14th January so if you haven’t already placed an order, don’t delay!

Luftwaffe Crash Archive Vol 10


We are delighted to announce that Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 10 is now on the website and available for pre-order at the specially discounted introductory price of just £20.  With the usual features of rare wartime photos and maps to support the comprehensive text, this volume covers the whole of 1943, when the skies were mainly full of Do217s and Ju88s at night and tip and run FW190s during the day.  Publication date is due to be 10th January 2017 so please note that this will not be available as a Christmas present!

For sample pages and more information, please click on the cover.