LCA Volume 10 now in stock


We are delighted to announce that Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 10 was delivered to the warehouse yesterday so all advance orders will be going out in the next few days.

We’ll keep the £5 pre-order discount live until midnight on Saturday 14th January so if you haven’t already placed an order, don’t delay!

Luftwaffe Crash Archive Vol 10


We are delighted to announce that Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 10 is now on the website and available for pre-order at the specially discounted introductory price of just £20.  With the usual features of rare wartime photos and maps to support the comprehensive text, this volume covers the whole of 1943, when the skies were mainly full of Do217s and Ju88s at night and tip and run FW190s during the day.  Publication date is due to be 10th January 2017 so please note that this will not be available as a Christmas present!

For sample pages and more information, please click on the cover.


Battle of Britain Combat Archive V3 Selling Fast!


Both of the new titles are now in stock and selling well.  The response to the 160 page Volume Three of Battle of Britain Combat Archive has been particularly impressive with orders going out across the globe.  If you haven’t already seen the series, why not order Volume Three and see for yourself.  The above image is one of many in the book by one of the world’s leading digital aviation artists, Piotr Forkasiewicz.  This action scene depicts 609 Squadron Spitfires trying to break up the Me110 defensive circles south of Portland on 11 August 1940 as the force of Ju88s head north towards the naval base.

Battle of Britain Combat Archive Volume Three


We are delighted to announce that it is now possible to pre-order the long awaited Volume Three of the Battle of Britain Combat Archive series. This volume has been an epic in terms of production, hence the slight delay. In fact, we had to include an extra 32 pages, (160 in total), to fit in all the photos and information that we assembled covering 9th – 13th August 1940. There’s the usual selection of specially commissioned maps, profiles and illustrations along with some genuinely rare photos, including one of VK coded 238 Squadron Spitfires!
To see some sample pages and to pre-order, please click on the cover image. Publication Date will be 1st October 2016.


We Are Staying Up


Although we have only ever published aviation books, the opportunity to launch a book about the incredible story of Leicester City’s 5000-1 winning of the Premier League was just too good to miss. Written by a friend of ours and designed to the usual high standards of our aviation titles, this book describes what it was like to watch Leicester City transform from relegation certainties to Champions within 12 months. Divided into short game-by-game chapters, the author describes his travels from the pre-season friendlies in front of a few thousand people to the glorious final game at Stamford Bridge. Illustrated throughout with the fans’ own snapshots, this is a unique eye-witness account of the story that made world headlines. To read some sample pages, please click on the cover. This is ready for pre-order with a publication date of 1st October.


Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol 3


We are about a week away from completing the design for Vol 3 and are in search of five pilot photos.  can anyone help?

213 Sqn  JM Strickland

601 Sqn James Gillan

56 Sqn  George Smythe

65 Sqn  F S Gregory

257 Sqn H Harkness

Here’s a sneak preview of the cover.  The book should be available for pre-order on our website within 2 weeks.  Publication date is likely to be 2nd week of October.


Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 9 – NOW IN STOCK



We are delighted to announce that Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 9 was delivered to the warehouse on Thursday and all the pre-orders are now being sent out.

Printing quality is excellent as usual and there are a nice selection of well known and rare photos covering the period 25th July 1941 – 31st December 1942.  We’ll keep the special pre-order price for another few days so don’t delay in ordering your copy today.

Luftwaffe Crash Archive Vol 9 Now ready for Pre-Order


We are proud to announce the forthcoming publication of the long awaited Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 9 covering 25th July 1941 – 31st December 1942.  The book presents the usual detailed list of crashed Luftwaffe aircraft, including those lost at sea, and illustrates them with over 100 rare photos along with maps and profiles.
The book will be published on 9th June 2016 and is now available for pre-order, simply click on the cover for more information and to see some sample pages.


Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol 2


We’ve just received the advance copies from the printers so the warehouse stock is due to arrive on Tuesday 2nd February, a couple of days ahead of schedule.
All pre-orders will be sent out from Tuesday onwards so some of you UK based collectors may receive them as early as Wednesday 3rd. First impressions are that this volume is even better than volume one as the action begins to increase and the battles become more intense. See what you think!