Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol 6 and others!

We’ve had a lot of enquiries recently about BofBCAV6 as Volume 5 was published several months ago.  The situation is as follows;

We always planned to publish a Dunkirk version of the Combat Archive and when we saw that the film was due, we decided to bring that one forward to ride the wave of public interest, (which it did very well).  As Simon was already into the ORBs and other documents for June 1940 he decided to continue the research right up until the beginning of the Battle on 9th July for a ‘connecting book’ in the series; again a book we had always planned to do, but later.

Having completed that research Simon is now back on to Battle of Britain Volume 6 and Mark is designing the ‘Dunkirk to the Battle of Britain’ book.

The estimated publishing dates for our next titles are therefore as follows;

March 2018   Nachtjagd Combat Archive 1943 Part 2

May 2018 Dambuster Lancaster

May 2018  Nachtjagd Combat Archive 1943 Part 3

June 2018  Battle of Britain Combat Archive Volume 6

There will also be a couple of new series appearing in this period but we’re keeping them under wraps at the moment!

Mark Postlethwaite