Welcome to our new website!

When we first established Wing Leader back in 2011, our aim was to develop it alongside our publishing company Red Kite so that it could handle our ever increasing flow of direct sales to the public. Since that time, the Wing Leader brand has grown far faster than we imagined, enabling us to now form Wing Leader Ltd and to create a brand new website to handle the increased sales.

This is the first post on what we hope will be a very popular site over the coming years. In the coming months we will be bringing together all of our aviation and military themed projects into one ‘supersite’ so that there will be all sorts of resources to hand in one place.

Projects include, Simon Parry’s renowned aviation archaeology website, Mark Postlethwaite’s ww2images and warship images photo libraries, along with new ventures such as a WWI photo library and an aviation art section.

At the moment, you can browse and purchase from the entire stock list of both Red Kite and Air Research publications. We will shortly be adding titles by other publishers so please check the site regularly.

We hope you enjoy the new-look site, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Mark Postlethwaite
Simon W Parry

Co-founders Red Kite / Wing Leader Ltd

Mark Postlethwaite