LCA12 and NCA 1943 PART ONE now in stock!


We are delighted to announce the publication of both Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 12 and Nachtjagd Combat Archive 1943 Part One.  LCA12 is the last in this very popular series and covers June 1944 to the end of the war.  It also includes a very impressive index to the entire series that lists entries by personnel, werke number and Unit codes.  CLICK HERE to order.

The second book, NCA 1943 Part One,  is the start of a major new series by renowned authors Theo Boiten and Rod Mackenzie.  This series is possibly the largest WWII aviation project ever published running to over 1.3 million words with over 1200 original photos, a remarkable 70% of which are previously unpublished.

In simple terms, the NCA is a comprehensive record of over 6000 Luftwaffe Night Fighter Claims and over 2100 Flak claims which have been painstakingly matched to RAF Bomber Command losses resulting in over 95% of them now being identified.  This means that for the first time ever, the fate of the vast majority of RAF Bomber Command losses can be clearly understood with exact locations, times and identities of the pilots or Flak units responsible for bringing them down.

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Mark Postlethwaite