Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol 2


We’ve just received the advance copies from the printers so the warehouse stock is due to arrive on Tuesday 2nd February, a couple of days ahead of schedule.
All pre-orders will be sent out from Tuesday onwards so some of you UK based collectors may receive them as early as Wednesday 3rd. First impressions are that this volume is even better than volume one as the action begins to increase and the battles become more intense. See what you think!

Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol 2 PRE-ORDER


We’re delighted to announce that Volume Two of Battle of Britain Combat Archive is now online ready for pre-order. This volume covers from 23 July 1940 – 8 August 1940 and includes the huge air battles over Convoys CW-8 and Peewit. As usual, we’ve discounted the pre-order price to just £20, the publication date is set at 4th February. All orders containing this book will be despatched from that date. For more information and sample pages please click on the cover.


Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 8 Now in Stock


We are delighted to announce that stocks of Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 8 have now been delivered to our warehouse and all pre-orders will be going out in the next day or two.  If you haven’t already placed an order then why not take the chance quickly whilst the pre-order discounted price of £20 is still available.  Click on the image for more details.

Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 8 Now available for Pre-Order


We are delighted to announce that the latest volume of the hugely popular Luftwaffe Crash Archive series is now available here for pre-order.  As usual we are offering it at the special pre-order discount price of just £20 + postage and UK collectors can gain free postage by ordering any other £12+ book at the same time.

Alternatively, we usually try to offer a good combination deal with each launch of a Crash Archive book, this time, for Volume 8 we’re offering the chance to purchase this plus our unique Flying Film Stars book for a special price of just £40, (with free UK postage).  Click HERE for more details.

Publication date is 3rd November so all orders will be despatched from that date.

Click on the cover for more details and sample pages.

An introduction to the Battle of Britain Combat Archive Series

We’ve just uploaded a page that details the story behind the Battle of Britain Combat Archive Series.  You can find it by clicking HERE

All pre-orders have now been despatched so UK orders should arrive this week.

On Sunday October 25th, from 11am – 3pm, Simon W Parry and Mark Postlethwaite,  along with Nigel Parker author of the Luftwaffe Crash Archive and Dennis Knight, author of Dennis Knight’s Battle of Britain Sketchbook will all be in attendance at the official launch of the Battle of Britain Combat Archive series at the Kent Battle of Britain Museum Hawkinge.  More details to follow.

Delivery problems

Our distributors Bookworld WS have discovered that their system malfunctioned for a few days around the end of August, causing them to miss around a dozen orders.  If your order number is between 3765 and 3781 then we apologise for the delay in getting your order to you, all are now in hand and will be despatched within the next 24 hrs.

As a general rule, all UK orders should normally arrive within a few days, so if your UK order is over a week old and undelivered, please do let us know.  (This doesn’t include advance pre-orders of course!)

Battle of Britain Combat Archive Volume One NOW IN STOCK!

Today our warehouse received the first shipment of our new book Battle of Britain Combat Archive Volume One.  The books will be delivered to the distributors tomorrow, (Battle of Britain Day), so the first ordered copies will be going out, fittingly, on 15th September.  We really look forward to hearing what people think of the book when they see it so please do let us have your feedback.

Looking further ahead, we will be holding a Battle of Britain print and book launch at the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge on Sunday 25th October.  Mark Postlethwaite, Simon W Parry, Dennis Knight and Nigel Parker will all be in attendance to talk about their respective books and prints.   More details to follow.


Battle of Britain Combat Archive Volume One

Red Kite are delighted to announce the launch of a major new landmark series of books on the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain Combat Archive Series will form the most comprehensive account ever of The Few’s gallant efforts. Focusing solely on RAF Fighter Command’s clashes with the Luftwaffe, the series covers every combat that took place on every day of the Battle of Britain. Using contemporary accounts such as combat reports, rarely seen squadron intelligence summaries and the newly released casualty reports, the author and his team of experts have broken down each day into its individual combats and assembled the claims, losses and first-hand accounts into a highly accessible format. These combats are illustrated with specially designed maps showing the amount of aircraft involved, the area that the engagement took place and the location of where the casualties came to earth. Each combat and casualty report is illustrated with a photo of the pilot wherever possible.

Volume One is now available for Pre-Order with a publication date of 15th September.  Click on the cover for more details.

303 Squadron – Complete Illustrated History Volume Three NOW OUT


The final volume of our 303 Squadron trilogy is now in stock and available to order at the special introductory price of just £20 + postage. Volume Three covers the period from the autumn of 1943 until the war’s end and the squadron’s ultimate disbandment in 1946, and includes wartime colour photos and a full index for all three volumes.
Just click on the cover for full details.