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The John Foreman Research Portfolio

John was one of the original ‘serious’ historians of air combat with the likes of Peter Cornwell and Chris Shores in the 1970s. His knowledge of combat claims and losses on all sides throughout WW2 and beyond is unrivalled.

There are no ‘frills’ or long-winded prose in his books – simply the raw information that provides serious historians and researchers with a ‘tool-kit’ to further their own research.

John’s Essential Research Tools:

RAF Fighter Command Victory Claims of WW2 (4 Volumes)

The only day-by-day listing of all victory claims submitted by pilots in Fighter Command.


Luftwaffe Aces – Biographies and Victory Claims (4 Volumes)

The only listing of all Luftwaffe fighter pilots who submitted five victory claims or more; their operational biographies and complete list of claims, pilot-by-pilot. Compiled in conjunction with Johannes Mathews.


RAF Fighter Command War Diaries (5 Volumes)

The day-by-day summary of Fighter Command’s operations throughout WW2.


Me262 Combat Diary

The operational combat history of the Me262 - compiled in conjunction with Sid Harvey -  with complete listings of:

Me262 Pilots

Me262 losses

Allied victory claims for Me262s shot down

Victory claims by Me262 pilots


1941 – The Turning Point (2 Volumes)

The day-by-day story of January to June 1941 – the period that saw the RAF turn from the defence of Britain to the Non-Stop Offensive against the Third Reich. Contains loss listings for all RAF Commands and the Luftwaffe.


1941 – The Non-Stop Offensive (2 Volumes)

Completing the story of the pivotal year for the RAF as it went on the offensive. Contains loss listings for all RAF Commands and the Luftwaffe. (Volume 2 in preparation).


Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims

A brief guide to the victory claims submitted by the Luftwaffe’s night fighter pilots. Compiled in conjunction with Johannes Mathews.