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Luftwaffe Crash Archive

About this series...

A must for every Luftwaffe historian or modeller

Inspired by the declassification Prisoner of War interrogation reports by the UK Government, Nigel Parker took on the challenge of researching every enemy aircraft crash that occurred over the UK. Simon Parry soon joined the project to complete a task he had begun over 30 years before with After the Battle’s ground-breaking ‘Blitz – Then and Now’ series in the 1980s.

Published in 12 volumes between 2014 -2018, this Herculean project has now been completed and is available as a complete set, or individual volumes.

Luftwaffe Crash Archive

  • Every Luftwaffe crash site in the UK.
  • Every Luftwaffe aircraft lost attacking the UK from 1941.
  • 1,500 A-4 colour pages.
  • Over 2,000 remarkable photographs.
  • Grave locations.
  • Camouflage and markings.
  • Detailed crash location maps.
  • Over 50 colour profiles.
  • Unit emblems.
  • 70 page index.


I’ve got ‘Blitz – Then and Now’ – why should I buy this?

It’s been over 30 years since that was published and lots of information and photos have been discovered since then, including the RAF Air Intelligence interrogation reports that were still ‘Classified’ in the 1980s.

What aircraft are included?

From January 1941 every Luftwaffe aircraft lost in action against the UK is detailed for the very first time. For the better documented ‘Battle of Britain period’ aircraft in or close to the UK coast are included.

What’s in the index?

  • Every Luftwaffe crewman killed or taken prisoner.
  • Aircraft fuselage codes.
  • Aircraft Werke Numbers.

Sample pages from this series:

Luftwaffe Crash Archive - Full Set of 12 Volumes