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1941 The Turning Point (Part 2 – The Battle of Britain to The Blitz)

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April 8th to 21st June

The two volume set ‘1941 – The Turning Point’ details the air war in Europe from January to June 1941, the turning point of the air war when the RAF went on the offensive.

The operational losses and combats of Fighter, Bomber and Coastal Commands, as well as the Fleet Air Arm, are detailed – as are those of the Luftwaffe. This period of the air war has not been chronicled before in this detail.

A limited number of these books (first published in 1994) are still available, but John is keen to point out much new information is now available and that he is working on the revised editions.

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Weight (kg)
232mm x 158mm
362 pages
illustrated throughout
Book Jacket
Air Research
John Foreman

John was born in 1942 and remembers nothing of the war except for hiding beneath the dining-room table when the flying bombs approached. He began to seriously research the Luftwaffe and air combat in the early 1970s, visiting many Luftwaffe Aces in Germany.

After retiring from the telecommunications industry in 1992 he has concentrated on writing and researching full-time and undertakes contract research for authors and historians from all over the world.

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