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303 Squadron – The Complete Illustrated History Volume One

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A new series of three ‘photo album’ books covering the history of one of the most famous flying units in history. Tracing its journey from the roots that formed in the Polish-Russian war, through the invasions of Poland and France, to England and ultimate victory. This series chronicles the events in an easy to read diary format and illustrates it with over 900 original wartime photos.Written by one of the leading Polish aviation historians, this is the ultimate visual and historical guide to ‘Dywizjon 303’!

  • 192 Pages in Volume One
  • ‍Over 300 original photos in each volume
  • ‍Day by day account of events on the squadron
  • ‍Biographies of all significant pilots including victory claims
  • The truth about the red striped Hurricanes (see cover photo)

Volume One covers the origins of the squadron going right back to 1779 and charts its pilots’ progress from the outbreak of WWII through to July 1941 when the squadron had gone onto offensive operations over France.

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Weight (kg)
192 pages
300 b/w photos
Book Jacket
303 Squadron – The Complete Illustrated History
Wojtek Matusiak

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