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303 Squadron – The Complete Illustrated History Volume Three

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A new series of three ‘photo album’ books covering the history of one of the most famous flying units in history. Tracing its journey from the roots that formed in the Polish-Russian war, through the invasions of Poland and France, to England and ultimate victory. This series chronicles the events in an easy to read diary format and illustrates it with over 900 original wartime photos.Written by one of the leading Polish aviation historians, this is the ultimate visual and historical guide to ‘Dywizjon 303’!


  • 192 Pages
  • Over 300 original photos• Day by day account of events on the squadron.• Biographies of all significant pilots including victory claims.
  • ‘303 Squadron in Colour’ section featuring the colour wartime photos taken of the squadron’s aircraft and pilots.
  • Full set of appendices covering the entire history of 303 Squadron plus a comprehensive index for all three volumes.

Volume Three covers 303’s final departure from Northolt in November 1943 which marked another turning point in its history. By the time of the Normandy landings in June 1944, it was the last squadron in the Polish Air Force to be still flying the obsolete Spitfire V. Re-equipped with the Spitfire IX in mid-1944, 303 was then employed against V2 supersonic rocket missiles. Just like in 1940, the 303 Squadron pilots protected Britain against German attack, but this time they logged no engagements with Luftwaffe aircraft and their anti-V2 campaign was virtually unnoticed. Converting to Mustangs in April 1945, 303 Squadron ended its last operational tour a month later, when the war in Europe ended. For the Polish servicemen it was a bitter end.303 Squadron was disbanded in December 1946 and it seemed that the legendary unit was history, once and for all. But in July 2012 two 303 Squadron Battle of Britain aces, Marian Pisarek and Mirosław Ferić flew again on the tail fins of Polish Air Force supersonic fighters at the Royal International Air Tattoo! The ‘Kościuszko Squadron’ legend lives on…

This third volume describes the last three years of 303 Squadron’s history, including D-Day operations over Normandy and final strikes at the heart of the Third Reich. It concludes with the rebirth of the ‘Kościuszko Squadron’ traditions in free Poland.

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192 pages
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303 Squadron – The Complete Illustrated History
Wojtek Matusiak
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