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AIR WAR 1942 Holding The Line Part 1

About this title...

Veteran aviation historian and author John Foreman continues his blow-by-blow history of the air war over Europe.

Joined by German historian Winfried Bock, John follows his mammoth 1,450 page, 4-volume, account of 1941 by detailing the actions of January to April 1942.

The hour-by-hour operations of every day and night are recorded with loss tables for RAF Fighter, Bomber and Coastal Commands, Fleet Air Arm, and the Luftwaffe in the west.


Significant operations include:


The Channel Dash – The escape of the German battleships through the Dover Straits.


Operation Biting – The Bruneval Raid and the capture of the German Radar secrets.


Circuses and Ramrods begin again.


Operation Chariot – The attack on the St. Nazaire dry dock.


The Lübeck fire raid.


Operation Margin – The daylight raid by Lancasters on Augsburg.


The Baedeker Raids begin


Operation Bluebeard – The attacks on the Tirpitz at Trondheim


 Published by Air Research – distributed by Wing Leader.

Please be aware that the content of these books is intended for historians and researchers who already have a good understanding of RAF and Luftwaffe operations and who wish to expand their knowledge of the subject. Please view the sample pages below to see the layout and content style.

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232mm x 158mm
382 pages
illustrated throughout
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Air Research
John Foreman

John was born in 1942 and remembers nothing of the war except for hiding beneath the dining-room table when the flying bombs approached. He began to seriously research the Luftwaffe and air combat in the early 1970s, visiting many Luftwaffe Aces in Germany.

After retiring from the telecommunications industry in 1992 he has concentrated on writing and researching full-time and undertakes contract research for authors and historians from all over the world.

Winfried Bock

Like John Foreman, Winfried began his research into the air war over Europe in the 1970s – but focused his attention on the Luftwaffe. He is the author or co-author of many books –notably the ‘Die Jagdfliegerverbande der Deutschen Luftwaffe’ series cooperating with Jochen Prien, Gerhard Stemmer and Peter Rodeike.

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