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B-17 Groups of the Eight Air Force In Focus

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Unique among books about the B-17 this volume seeks to show the units that operated it rather than the ‘nuts and bolts’ view usually given. Following in the footsteps of the previous titles in the In Focus series, this visual history of the B-17 makes spectacular use of over 300 high quality wartime images, many previously unpublished, to illustrate each group in turn. Extended captions, details of bases, marks of aircraft used and code letters complete a visually stunning tribute to the 8th Airforce’s famous Bomber. The photographs are mainly presented in large formats, giving modellers the chance to examine the details easily, and the high quality gloss finish paper aids the high definition reproduction. Eight pages of colour side views and photos are included along with a useful guide to the colourful tail markings carried towards the end of the war.

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Weight (kg)
96 pages plus 8 page colour section
300 b/w photos
Book Jacket
In Focus
Martin W Bowman

Possibly the UK’s prolific aviation author, Martin specialises in the history of the US 8th Air Force and in gathering the stories of veterans from around the UK. He lives in Norwich, close to many of the 8th Air Force airfields.

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