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Cobber Kain

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New Zealander Edgar James Kain, known affectionately as Cobber to his fellow pilots, was killed at the age of 21. Yet in just a few hectic months before his death he became an international celebrity as the RAF’s first fighter ace of World War II, and was the toast of Allied messes in France for his uncanny ability to shoot down German aircraft.

By the beginning of June 1940 Eddie was a veteran of more than 80 fighter operations and had 18 victories to his credit. Along with other pilots in 73 Squadron, he was utterly exhausted from the continual stress of battle.On the day of his scheduled return to England, Eddie took a Hurricane up for one last beat-up of the airfield. After three low-level flick rolls, the aircraft stalled and hit the ground, killing Eddie instantly.

This lavishly illustrated book details the short but glorious life of this heroic Kiwi, using previously unpublished photographs from his family’s private collection.

(Previously published in New Zealand as Cobber Kain – Kiwi Fighter ace extraordinaire)

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Weight (kg)
244mm x 210mm
196 pages
approx 130 b/w photos
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Wing Leader
Richard Stowers

Richard is a freelance graphic artist from Hamilton, New Zealand. His father served as a bomber pilot in WW2, a fact which started him in his interest of all aspects of New Zealand’s military history.

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