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Dambuster Lancaster

About this title...

Red Kite are proud to announce the publication of Dambuster Lancaster,  a stunningly illustrated and detailed history of the Type 464 (Provisioning) Lancaster.  

Much has been written and published over the years concerning the Dambusters and their attack on the Ruhr dams on 16th/17th May 1943, but the aircraft they flew in remains an enigma.  The Type 464 (Provisioning) as it was technically known was still on the secret list many years after the war and what few photographs exist of the type are dark and not easy to analyse.  Add to this the fact that many of the Type 464 modifications were not officially designed but were developed on the squadron and it is small wonder that there is no comprehensive study of the Type 464 to be found.

Over the years, authors, model makers and artists have consistently repeated the same mistakes and misconceptions regarding the Type 464, leading to most if not all published work to date containing some form of errors.  Now for the first time, readers can explore every aspect of the Dambuster Lancaster both inside and out using a specially commissioned 3D model that has taken over 10 years to complete.

The model is the work of Polish artist Piotr Forkasiewicz who worked with historians, veterans and archives from around the world to construct the most accurate reproduction of a Type 464 ever seen.  Fellow artist and Dambuster historian Mark Postlethwaite agreed to write the text and to delve into the individual histories of all 23 Type 464s, with both artists then working on the overall design of the book.   The result is quite breathtaking.  128 pages full of close up views of the aircraft both in natural metal and camouflage, detailed studies inside the cockpit area, a full exploration of Upkeep and the fusing systems and finally detailed histories of all 23 Type 464s using every known photograph to illustrate each airframe.

 Printed using the highest quality art paper and binding materials, this book is essential reading for any Dambuster enthusiast but moreover is a beautiful and worthy tribute to the aircraft that made history on that night in May 1943.

The book is hardback A4 landscape format, 128 pages printed in colour throughout. RRP is £30.


Sample pages from this title:

Additional information:

Weight (kg)
A4 Landscape
128 pages
illustrated througout in colour
Book Jacket
Red Kite
Mark Postlethwaite

Mark is one of the world's leading aviation artists, with his work
hanging in major collections and museums worldwide. He has been a
professional aviation artist for over 25 years and during his career has
flown in a variety of front line military aircraft including the
Harrier, Hawk and Tucano, as well as vintage types such as the BE2c and
the FE2b down in New Zealand. He has also contributed to several TV
documentaries and even won the top prize on the old TV game show $64,000
Question with Bob Monkhouse answering questions on the Battle of
Britain. Mark has produced over 150 cover paintings for Osprey
Publishing over the years and in his early career was published by Air
Vice Marshal J E 'Johnnie' Johnson's fine art business. He has a broad
knowledge of WWII aviation with a particular focus and passion for RAF
Bomber Command.

Piotr Forkasiewicz

Piotr was born in Opole, Poland in 1978. During his years of commercial work he was involved in many interesting projects and in a great scope of graphic activities, from graphic and industrial design to creating models, textures and scenes for animations, films and television. He worked with the famous Platige Image Studio on a few animated films and with the Planetarium of Copernicus Science Centre on the first Polish production in the fulldome technology - “Dream to fly”. But his greatest passion is still military illustration – mainly aviation and naval art. Throughout his teenage years he spent as much time around aircraft as he could. However, when he read an article about James Dietz in a magazine and saw the aviation art of Polish artist – Jaroslaw Wrobel, he discovered the way to finally express his passion for aviation. Although starting with pencils and paints, he soon found the computer as an ideal tool to create the images that he had in mind. Using advanced 3D software he painstakingly built his own 3D Lancaster model and then used it to create a series of striking images. He didn’t realise at the time that something that started as personal project would eventually almost take over his working life. His work was an instant hit with veterans and enthusiasts alike and during last few years he has created dozens of Lancaster images for families and veterans themselves. He creates illustrations for books, magazines and collectors and his works are in many private collections in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. Piotr lives in Czestochowa, Poland with wife Agnieszka and two sons Mikolaj and Tymon.

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