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Dennis Knight's Battle of Britain Sketchbook

About this title...

Back in the 1960s, historian and artist Dennis Knight was one of the first people in Britain to undertake serious research into the Battle of Britain. Along with a few other like-minded friends, Dennis travelled around the English countryside talking to eyewitnesses, making notes and drawing sketch maps to record what happened in that dramatic summer of 1940.

Now for the first time, Dennis’s notes, sketches and maps have been gathered together along with his photographic collection to give a unique insight into the Battle of Britain, as experienced by the people who saw it happen.

Sample pages from this title:

Additional information:

Weight (kg)
244mm x 210mm
160 pages
Illustrated throughout
Book Jacket
Dennis Knight

As a schoolboy, Dennis witnessed the dogfights taking place above his home on the outskirts of south London. He trained as an artist and for many years created a series of well known books where the reader could ‘rub-down’ images to make their own pictures. One of these books went back to his boyhood days and the Battle of Britain. Concerned that documents from 1940 were being rapidly destroyed in the late 1950s, he began to gather information and interview witnesses – an interest that has endured for nearly 60 years.

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