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Fighter Command War Diaries Volume 1 – Sept 1939 / Sept 1940

About this title...

September 1939 to September 1940

The first of the five volume set covers the opening year of WW2:

The Phoney War: Clashes along the German Frontier; Defence of Scapa Flow.

Battle of Norway: Gladiators and Hurricanes in the north.

Battle of France: Retreat to the Coast; Defence of Dunkirk; Early night fighters.

Battle of Britain: Battle of the Channel; Battle of the Airfields.

The Fighter Command War Diaries series is a unique account of RAF Fighter Command’s role in WWII and forms a complete record of every operation and every loss and claim for enemy aircraft destroyed.

Each volume continues to analyse each day’s fighting including details of the Luftwaffe’s activity, significant combats, biographies of the top aces and orders of battle.

Strictly limited numbers of these books are still in stock. Hardback editions of Volume 3 have already sold out, but have been re-printed in soft bindings due to demand from those who missed the original editions.

Sample pages from this title:

Additional information:

Weight (kg)
140mm x 210mm
224 pages
illustrated throughout
Book Jacket
Air Research
John Foreman

John was born in 1942 and remembers nothing of the war except for hiding beneath the dining-room table when the flying bombs approached. He began to seriously research the Luftwaffe and air combat in the early 1970s, visiting many Luftwaffe Aces in Germany.

After retiring from the telecommunications industry in 1992 he has concentrated on writing and researching full-time and undertakes contract research for authors and historians from all over the world.

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