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Lancaster Squadrons in Focus SPECIAL EDITION

About this title...

Lancaster Squadrons was the first of Red Kite’s hugely popular ‘In Focus’ series and sold out many years ago. Instead of reprinting the original, the author Mark Postlethwaite has decided to totally redesign the book and, where possible, has replaced the original photos with over 200 new images. Printed in colour throughout with 20 superb new colour profiles this Special Edition also includes an extra 32 pages with new sections on camouflage, markings and modifications etc.

Profiles by Piotr Forkasiewicz.

Sample pages from this title:

Additional information:

Weight (kg)
128 pages, printed colour throughout
Over 300 photos plus 20 profiles
Book Jacket
In Focus
Mark Postlethwaite

Mark is one of the world's leading aviation artists, with his work hanging in major collections and museums worldwide. He has been a professional aviation artist for over 25 years and during his career has flown in a variety of front line military aircraft including the Harrier, Hawk and Tucano, as well as vintage types such as the BE2c and the FE2b down in New Zealand. He has also contributed to several TV documentaries and even won the top prize on the old TV game show $64,000 Question with Bob Monkhouse answering questions on the Battle of Britain. Mark has produced over 150 cover paintings for Osprey Publishing over the years and in his early career was published by Air Vice Marshal J E 'Johnnie' Johnson's fine art business. He has a broad knowledge of WWII aviation with a particular focus and passion for RAF Bomber Command..

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