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Luftwaffe Aces – Biographies and Victory Claims Volume 3

About this title...

Red Kite is delighted to announce the publication of one of the most significant reference book sets of recent years, ‘Luftwaffe Aces’.

The result of two lifetime’s research by acknowledged experts Johannes Mathews and John Foreman, this remarkable four-volume set, totalling over 1,500 pages, includes over 2500 Luftwaffe pilots and is the most exhaustive work on the subject ever published.

Each Luftwaffe fighter pilot who claimed five victories or more is featured along with his biographic details and a record of each and every known claim.

The authors have chosen to return as far as possible to primary sources, principally the listings on microfilms discovered at Bundesarchiv Militararchiv in Germany and various unit war diaries. No published works have been used as primary sources as many books have been based upon ‘recycled’ and inaccurate information.

Volume details:

  • Volume 1: A to F - 356 pages
  • Volume 2: G to L - 434 pages 
  • Volume 3: M to R - 288 pages
  • Volume 4: S to Z - 470 pages

Sample pages from this title:

Additional information:

Weight (kg)
172mm x 245mm
288 pages
Book Jacket
Luftwaffe Aces
Johannes Mathews
John Foreman

John was born in 1942 and remembers nothing of the war except for hiding beneath the dining-room table when the flying bombs approached. He began to seriously research the Luftwaffe and air combat in the early 1970s, visiting many Luftwaffe Aces in Germany.

After retiring from the telecommunications industry in 1992 he has concentrated on writing and researching full-time and undertakes contract research for authors and historians from all over the world.

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