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Messerschmitt Bf109T – Die Jager der Graf Zeppelin

About this title...

The definitive history of the Bf109T, designed with folding wings to go aboard Germany’s only aircraft carrier the ‘Graf Zeppelin’. In the event the ‘Graf Zeppelin’ never went to sea and the aircraft were pressed into service defending Norwegian airspace. This lavishly produced and very rare book has been produced in limited numbers. It details the design and construction of the airframe, the units and men who flew the ‘T’ and fully details the combats it was involved in.

The ultimate reference work on this important subject.

NB This book is in German text throughout!

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Weight (kg)
360 pages
approx 380 b/w photos, 20 colour profiles, technical drawings
Book Jacket
Marshall Verlag
Francis L Marshall

Frank ‘s two main interests are British motorbikes and German aircraft. Finally, his interest in Germany led to emigrate from the UK to make his home near Munich - where he can still be seen riding his British bikes!

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