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About the Library was one of the first online photo libraries to appear in any subject that didn't include scantily dressed ladies! Founded around 20 years ago by aviation artist and author Mark Postlethwaite, he noticed that many of his author friends had large collections of WWII photos but between them nobody had any idea what the others had. His concept was to scan copies of all of their photos and put them into a central online database so that it could become a common treasury for all, with fees being paid to the library and then split 50/50 with the authors.

This became an immediate hit and the library soon expanded to include veterans' photo collections as well. Over the years, the library has grown and evolved with the ever changing technology and now holds over 20,000 WWII photos, (with a heavy emphasis on aviation) as well as having separate collections of Royal Navy warships and WWI photos. The library also has several thousand photos offline which are waiting to be uploaded when the current site upgrades are complete.

The plan is to introduce instant payment and downloads and then incorporate all of the diverse libraries into one main resource which can securely house the entire collection. Once this is complete then we will once again invite authors, collectors and veterans to add their collections to the database and hopefully find their photos providing them a small income into the future.

At the moment therefore, the site is in a temporary working format with no frills, just a good search facility and a 'Contact Us' form to allow people to purchase images.